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  1. +Limited edition signed promo single cd  ‘The Story Of Beginners’ featuring Phil Harding & Louise Robey.

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My gig on November 26th went really well, many thanks to all of you that turned up and special thanks to all the musicians that took part, first video track can be seen here;

more clips will appear soon



+ CD

Finally! The cd compilation of my 1980’s Club Mixes is available to order, follow the links below, there will be a CD+Book offer from Cherry Red online next week. I hope you all enjoy!!...

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CD Amazon link:

Here is the track listing;

Michael Jackson with The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back ['88] (12" Remix) * /  Eighth Wonder - I'm Not Scared (10'' Remix) @@ /  ABC - When Smokey Sings (The Miami Mix) /  Diana Ross - Love Hangover ['88] (12'' Version) @ /  Rick Astley - She Wants To Dance With Me (Original Extended R'n'B Version) + /  Four Tops - Reach Out I'll Be There ['88] (12'' Remix) @@ /  Holly Johnson - Americanos (PWL Extended Version) @ /  Godley & Creme - Snack Attack (Extended Remix) @@ /  Jimmy Ruffin - Easy Just To Say (I Love You) (Extended Club Mix) @@ /  Basia - Until You Come Back To Me (Phil Harding 12'' Remix) @ /  Rick Astley - Til The Day That I Die + /  Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix) #


Blue Mercedes - I Want To Be Your Property (DEF B4 Dishonour Mix) @@ /  Pepsi & Shirlie - Heartache (Dot & Daisy's Club Remix) /  Imagination - Instinctual (Jack Leee Freak Mix) @@ /  Blow Monkeys - Digging Your Scene (Remix) @@ /  Rick Astley - Stay With Me Tonight + /  Fe Fi Fo Fum - Beat Your Body (Manhattan Mix) @@ /  The Blue August Project - Oxygen (Extended Dance Version) @ /  Sinitta - Body Shopping (New Vogue Version) + /  XS-5 - I Need More (Extended Dance Version) @ /  Agents Aren't Aeroplanes - The Upstroke (12'') @@ /  Jimmy Ruffin - Truly Yours + /  Five Star - Rain Or Shine (Remix)  /  Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Phil Harding 12" Mix) +


+ Previously unreleased
@@ First time on CD
@ First time on CD in the UK
* Rare on CD
# First time on CD from studio master original


My current single featuring the wonderful Louise Robey

The video for my current single ‘The Story of Beginners’ from my 2008 album ‘The Story of Beginners’ can be seen here;

Louise Robey Anthology Album now available to download

Please go and buy my latest music productions for the wonderful Louise Robey  ‘Like A Woman Scorned’ and ‘Firebird are both featured on Louise’s Anthology album, which also features the five ‘Louise and The Creeps’ tracks recorded in 1980, available commercially for the first time EVER! Just follow these links;

US $9.99

UK 9.99 (US$?)

JP ¥1500

DE €8.99

FR €8.99

NL €8.99

MX $120.00

NZ 18.99

Amazon MP3  - *****

US $8.99

UK £6.99

JP ¥1500

DE €8.99

eMusic - ***


Louise is someone I have collaborated with many times in the past and this single is the taster towards her ‘Anthology’ album which will be available shortly and will feature the 5 x ‘Louise and The Creeps’ tracks that I have written about in my book. Louise is also featured on my next single ‘The Story of Beginners’ from the album of the same name, we have a beautiful video that will be online soon to promote that single.


You may have heard that I have been working with Lamont Dozier in Los Angeles, mixing 11 x tracks on the forthcoming Cliff Richard album ‘Soulicious’ - due for release by EMI uk on October 17th. The tracks were recorded by Lamont in Memphis, USA and they feature some wonderful new songs written by Lamont and his son Beau plus some wonderful soul musicians. It was an honour and pleasure for me to be working with Lamont again and to be mixing for Cliff Richard again. I would highly recommend that any Cliff / Soul / PWL fans check out this new album as I think it will surprise many......


I'm delighted that the ‘Expanded Edition’ of my book ‘PWL from the Factory Floor’ is doing well and receiving good reviews (Blues&Soul / G. T. Magazine / Pro Sound News). Hopefully more to come as well as a BBC Local Radio station tour around the country to promote the CD book in November 2011. There is also an interview with me recently recorded for my publisher’s website;

Also my interview on the wonderful site can be seen via this link;

We also have a dedicated website for the new book;

That website will have the most up-to-date news available on the book details and anything else going on around it, the compilation CD and my recent work.

This review of the current book edition has appeared recently on Amazon and it really sums up the book very succinctly;

5.0 out of 5 stars Future hit makers - learn from the master!, 7 Sep 2011


C. Raeburn (Basingstoke UK) - See all my reviews


This review is from: PWL From the Factory Floor (Paperback)

This book is an utter masterpiece on so many levels, and no matter what level of interest you have in phenomena that was Stock Aitken & Waterman, you'll quickly discover interesting facts and nuggets that you won't read anywhere else. To me, the name Phil Harding was just something that I often saw (no pun intended) on the back of the biggest hit records I bought in the 80's. Little did I know that he did much of the heavy lifting work on some of the most successful SAW (and other) records of all time.

One of the most impressive features of the book comes from Phil Harding's clearly wonderful mild nature. There is no muck racking or abuse going on and the only slightly bad word you'll find in the entire text is a mild poke at Simon Cowell, who appears early in his career as a bit of a beggar and blagger with limited musical knowledge. Quote of the book in this respect has to be "What's that ticking sound...." and this is seconded only by his flat 'Fanfare'.

For the 'SAW fan' there is sufficient and interesting background on the artistes, accompanied by amusing anecdotes in many places. There are also wonderful black and white pictures that range from studio shots through to floor plans and promotional adverts - it's a real treasure trove.

For the budding producer this text is totally invaluable, giving away business and production information that is massively useful if you read between the lines. It covers how many of the sounds were achieved, the equipment that was used and the process which was followed in sufficient detail. It describes the working methodology and, most importantly, that not everything they touched was a massive success and that perseverance was often important in turning things around.

The success of SAW was not just down to Mike, Matt and Pete and this book opens your eyes to the many other people involved who were critical cogs in this hit machine. They pretty much all get acknowledged, mentioned or a hat tipped in their direction in this book.

I grew up with Stock, Aitken & Waterman, going on to make a good living as a mobile DJ playing their records in the late 80's. Their work literally helped me put food on my table. Some people unfairly slated them for records that 'sounded the same' but reading this book you soon come to realise this really was not the case. Perhaps the team did make 'uncool' records in some peoples eyes, but they packed dance floors and filled the charts. Commercial success feeds you, critical acclaim is a luxury. The major contribution that Phil Harding made to this success is both very understated and undeniable and this is a five star read. I can't wait for his next book on the 90's boy band phenomena!


I've also been working on some great music projects over the last year. The Robert Pheonix Project can be heard here;


My Current Available Music ’12

Phil Harding

SINGLES; ‘THE STORY OF BEGINNERS’ featuring Louise Robey  - released 14/11/11



Caro feat Charlie Batchelor



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Phil Harding cd album ‘The Story of Beginners’

Caro feat Charlie Batchelor ‘The 4th Way’

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Phil Harding ‘The Story of Beginners’ from CD Baby - USA.

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