24CLUB is a long-standing band that Phil has been part of for over 40 years. Music is available here (+ Phil Harding-signed CDs of the ‘Message From The Universe’ EP are on sale at this site's SHOP page)...

24CLUB  |  ‘Nothin2Lose’  |  From ‘Message From The Universe’ EP

24CLUB  |  ‘Tell Me What You Want’  From ‘Timeless’ EP

PHIL'S 2008 SOLO ALBUM, The Story Of Beginners’, is still available... 

Phil Harding  |  ‘The Story Of Beginners’  |  The single from the album

+ ‘Phil Harding Club Mixes Of The 80s’ is the companion double-CD to the book ‘PWL From The Factory Floor’ of PWL era Phil Harding mixes. Full details are on the BOOKS page under the info on ‘PWL From The Factory Floor’.